Sunday, 3 August 2014

Happiness - Red Velvet

Okay, so the new Sm Group, Red Velvet just debuted with he song Happiness. The members consist of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy.

I really like this group. I love the fresh, unique concept, and the hairrrr! Anyways, the song was really catchy and was actually really good. Not outstanding, but great for debuts! The video was also pretty cool, though I think the members could have worked harder on the coordination as their choreography, technique, and harmony was sloppy. The video wasbright, and I really like it. Oh and did I mention that Wendy is from Richmond Hill, Canada? Some of my friends have gone to her school before! Lol.

Overall, I'd give the song a 7/10 because they were pretty outstanding for a debut group. The song, I could tell had quality and had time spent on it. I would give the mv a 6/10 for the cool, bright concept, but the dance lacked attention.





Red Velvet

Heres the video:

Kay thanks for reading my short review :) Have a happy day!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Why some Kpop groups just don't make it

The kpop industry is a cruel one. You could be the best trainee for 10 years, but a small injury could turn those ten years of hard work into nothing but failure.

For the past few years, new entertainment companies have struggled to debut groups, but few have actually made it big. The most notable small companies are Woollim who had success with the group Infinite, Girls Day of Dream Tea Ent, and Sistar from Starship.

My opinion on small entertainment companies with the rapid debuting of artists is that they need to slow down. I want to list 5 reasons why these companies need to spend more time on the quality of the group, rather than the constant debut of them.

1. The more groups debuted, the more competition.

With the rapid debut of groups, fans have more choices. Fans like to stick to one group, and if your not the group they stick with, it'll be hard to gain their recognition.

2. The less trained the members are, the worser the performance.

Trained members can easily cover mistakes, perform better live, and seem more comfortable in front of audiences. For example, groups like 2ne1 aren't shy in front of the camera. I've found that rookie groups usually bow down and chorus out the Hello together. The greeting is unnatural, and seems as if their moms are forcing them to say hello.

2ne1:  Back Home Dance Practice

3. Spend some time on the music!

The quality of the music is so important. It's not always the looks. For example, look at BigBang. Visuals is definitely not their highest point, but the quality and the catchiness of their tunes are really impressive. I haven't seen many Big Bang songs that haven't hit 1 million views on youtube before. I feel like a lot of new groups have bland, and similar music styles. They don't stand out, and their songs become just another ballad, or rap, or anything.

Eyes Nose Lips: Taeyang

4. Be unique, but not too wierd!

Orange Caramel is an example of quirky, but not too over the top. When groups try to make new concepts, they don't always work out. Not every group can achieve Orange Caramel's quirkiness, or Crayon Pop's wierdness, but sometimes adding a simple twist to a classic style can do. Some groups make the mistake of making their video super weird to stand out. The thing is, yes, you may get recognition, but not in the right way! People will just mock or laugh, and at the end of the day, it's the video thats famous, not the group.

Orange Caramel: Catallena

5. Make lots and lots of promotional videos before the debut of a group to gain recognition!

For example, Winner. Winner has been coming out with promo teaser for who knows how long. Before debuting, you want fans and audiences to know that you are coming soon. I don't know for you, but for me, the longer the promo videos, the higher the anticipation I have for a video. Waiting could also influence my mind to think that the song may be really good too. A rookie group must gain recognition and fame so that when they debut, they will be well known to the public.

Winner: First Teaser

6. Have a unique yet catchy name!

Their are just too many acronyms. A fan can only remember so many! Numbers, please don't debut another group with numbers, colours! Take in Exo, for example. Go search for a cool planet, then name that as your group! The title can be quirky, but it should make sense to audiences the first time they see it!

7. Lastly, don't lose your signature swag!

For example, Infinite is famous for their dance moves. Instead of constantly changing concepts, Infinite sticks the videos that showcase3 their talent and their style. Fans like sticking with one concept, because they probably like the style of the group! DON'T EXPERIMENT UNLESS ITS REALLY GOOD! <---- example, IU's songs are more mature now, but she still sticks to her strong vocal ranges. This is why her songs are still her style, but different at the same time!

Infinite: Before the Dawn Dance Version


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Drama You Should Watch: Doctor Stranger

My favourite dramas usually start off with intricate, well planned, intense, and exciting starts. I watch loads of dramas, but I cut so many off. I usually watch the first episode of a drama, and if I'm not satisfied, I'll just quit.

So the story goes on to talk about how a South Korean man and his son, Hoon (Lee Jong Suk, model) who are sent to North Korea, then trapped their as North Korea needs doctors. Raised in the communist country, Hoon becomes a doctor like his father, but unlike the North Koreans, he has a heart. He soon falls in love with Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon, Bridal Mask). The two try escape North Korea after Hoon's father is killed. Hoon escapes, but Jae Hee falls into the river unfortunately, and it was not known if she was dead or alive.

I believe a few years later, Hoon starts working at a hospital in South Korea, and he comes across a Jae Hee lookalike. Convinced that she is Jae Hee, he pursues her. Jae Hee is actually a spy, and she cannot talk about her identity to save her and Hoon's life. Her efforts are paid off, but she painfully sees her relationship with Hoon's die, while his relationship with Oh Soo Hyun (Kang Sora) starts to blossom. With love, betrayal, and passion, the doctors go through one of a life time experiences, and nothing is the same again. I want to also note Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) as a main character who has a mysterious past and a deep love for Soo Hyun.

Doctor Stranger really surprised me. The first episode made me want more. I was intrigued and lemme just tell you how many times I searched up if Jae Hee was dead.

The middle part was blah, kinda dragged, but new. It was because the second female lead had a stronger bond or romantic feel with the main rather than the female main. This made everything refreshing while interesting.

Watch it on Dramafever, Viki, and other online sites :)

The end though, was great. There was a reasonable loss, and to my pleasure...

Hoon ended up with Jae Hee.
Soo Hyun ended up with Jae Joon!!!

Love you all ~Gloria

Friday, 25 July 2014

Drama You Should Watch: Full House

Hey everybody! I'm updating as much as possible, but I'm going to start a series of Drama reviews called Dramas You Should Watch: . I'm going to review one drama per post! I'm trying to update smaller posts more frequently over long posts, so I hoe y'all enjoy!

Drama #1:
Can I just start with a classic? Full house is a 2004 korean drama based on the manga, Full House. Yes, the drama isn't the best quality, but the show is too cute. At the time, this drama had record breaking ratings! The drama stars Rain (singer who sang the la song), and Song Hye Kyo (actress in That Winter, The Wind Blows).

This drama is a classic, with the cheesy romance, and the humour. I really love the drama because it was one of the original cheesy dramas, unlike the many today. The storyline goes on about a girl called Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who is tricked by her friends to go on a vacation they supposedly won. To clear their debts, the friends sell her house in the time that she is gone, and when she comes home her house is already sold to none other than Lee Young Jae (Rain). Young Jae is a famous actor who is arrogant, rude, and full of pride. Ji Eun promises to be the caretaker of the house in order to keep living at the house her father built. Together, the pair go through jealousy, anger, hatred, but most of all, love.

You can find the episodes online, Dramafever, and some part in Youtube subbed.


Kay thanks for reading! Hope to update more after my exam on Monday! Byeeeee!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Infinite- Back

So sorry, I'm soooo late, but INFINITE'S song  Back just came back a few days ago. I seriously love this song! Last Romeo was a complete fail and I was so impressed with Infinite's quick comeback! Back has a really catchy tune and it really fits Infinite's music style. I was seriously fan gurling in public when the mv came out! Anyways, this review is going to be pretty short because the song was great! I'd give it a solid 8.5/10 for the song.

Now the mv was a different story, The mv was a total complete disappointment. I mean the dance was okay, not the best, but not horrible, but the theme was just so not Infinite. The mv looked like another BAP One Shot wannabe. The scenes were choppy and just weird. The girl looked so young, like I think she's like 13 in real life and honestly, she wasn't the prettiest. Not being mean, I mean I'm not much better, but if she had matured more, she would have been much better, because I just cant take a 13 year old seriously in a "painful" video. Freakin Sm. Ever since Infinite joined SM, they haven't been as popular. I wasn't impressed by the artistry in the mv, so I would have to give it a 5/10.

That was a short review! I hope I can update more frequently! Comment down below or email me for suggestions for future posts!

Lots of inspiritness ~Gloria

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

B1A4 Solo Day

OMG SO LIKE B1A4 CAME BACK WITH SOLO DAY! The song isn't super amazing, but it definitely wasn't dissapointing! I have to say, the recent comebacks from different groups haven't been that great. I believe that there are too many new companies and BTS wannabe groups as well. Anyways, Solo Day was a fun and refreshing song. I really love how B1A4 always has the most uniques and artistic content in their videos. The song  was really really cute and it really b1a4's singing style really shined through! The video was an mv based on a video game where the members are video game members. The plot is confusing, but im satisfied as it captures a relatable concept! The song captures the life of introverts who dont need love and love being alone just like me! Overall, id give the song a 6/10 as b1a4 used their style, but the song wasnt the best. Id give the mv a 8/10 for their uniqueness.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Red Light - Fx

Omg, so summer school just started, but I'm seriously not going to slack off on the blogging cuz, I'm determined to balance both school and blogging. Anyways. I'm going to try posting more, and I promise that I'll post epic content!

So today I'll be reviewing the song Red Light by F(x). The group F(x) consists of members Victoria, Luna, Amber, Sulli, and Krystal. F(x) is seriously one of my favourite groups, but to be really honest, despite the epic visuals and graphics in the video, the song didn't really fulfill my standards. I honestly love F(x)'s unique retro vintage style, and though the video was really great and cool, the song just sounded like a remix of Electric Shock. I was seriously so hyped up for the song, but I'm seriously disappointed.

Overall I would give the MV an 8/10 because of the uniqueness, and the song a 4/10 because it was just so bland!

Have a nice day! ~Gloria